A girl once asked me my biggest red flag, jokingly as well, and I responded similarly to the guy you asked but I said commitment, meaning commitment to projects (but, understandably, it was taken the wrong way lol).

I feel commitment and compromise are two sides of the same coin. Both are antithetical to perfectionism. Committing to something is agreeing that it won't be perfect, understanding that nothing can be "perfect". It means compromising and finding solutions that best fit when you're unable to agree on something with someone or being okay with a not finding the perfect word for a sentence in an essay (or comment) you so dearly want to publish.

"I am no psychology researcher but I solemnly believe that compromises can breed love." Love this. It reminds me of the scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin William's character talks about the "peccadillos" of his late wife. What he remembered most about her were her imperfections.

This made think so much! I really enjoy your writing.

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Good avice Minh

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