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This piece reminds me of that one self help vid I saw ages ago. There is one thing from that video that stuck to my mind even after all, "study showed that people who actively pursue happiness are the most unhappy".

Indeed, I have never seen a well adjusted person say "I just want to be happy". Instead they talk about the goals they will achieve, the experiences they have had. They are content with the past and they look forward to the future.

Yet I have seen my friends, acquaintances, fallen to the depression and burnt out, hoping for "simple happiness".

With that said, I wouldn't necessarily call happiness a "myth". You can be happy the way you can be sad. It's a simple feeling to identify.

I believe what's less clear cut is the idea of "a happy life".

There is not a correct way to live (there is definitely a wrong way to live though), so there can never exist an universal definition for a happy life.

Personally, just like you, I believe it's all about balance. There is just no way to know happiness if you don't know hardship.

With that said, it is important to critically assess our current situation. Minh, if you are experiencing hardships right now, what is the end goal? When is it time to take a break? When is it time for the next hardship?

I'm struggling to choose the right path for myself too. The 20s is as exciting as it is terrifying. We'll get through this together ❤️

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